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May 21Liked by Philip Morgan

I'm terrible at this network building thing (not quite like eating broken glass phobia), but I do recognize that your professional network has a greater impact *over the long term* on your success than:

a. your understanding of technology/trends

b. your skills

c. and even, gasp, your expertise

Which the above, of course, are all the things I like and do somewhat naturally.

My mother, a professional artist and still painting at 87, is a great example of the staying power of her network (friends and professionals are all the same to her…and maybe that’s the secret?). She doesn’t know current art trends, her skills have significantly degraded due to macular eye degeneration, and her expertise seems outdated in this upcoming AI world. But her network is as strong as it has ever been and keeps her art in demand. She definitely falls into the "naturally inclined to network build" category.

Can't wait to see what comes out of this community of practice study group for network building.

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